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Family Law

Bedford Law has an established Family Law practice. Currently we are only dealing with the following family law matters:

Negotiating and Drafting of Separation Agreements

Preparation of Cohabitation Agreements and Marriage Contracts

Independent Legal Advice

When marital relationships are disintegrating, hostilities sometimes develop between the former spouses, adversely affecting their children. At Bedford Law, our preference is always to try to negotiate a reasonable out-of-court agreement so that both parties have some control in reaching an outcome that will affect them personally for years to come.

We negotiate with opposing counsel. Sometimes we schedule meetings involving all parties and their lawyers. We often find that these meetings allow the parties to be heard and issues openly discussed without the need for posturing which can sometimes take place in court.

The rules governing the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia (Family Division) have changed the court process so that parties are encouraged to enter into conciliation instead of proceeding immediately to trial. We assist clients to prepare for this process and attend conciliation meetings with our clients when requested. If conciliation is unsuccessful, the matter may be referred to the court for a settlement conference before a judge, or a trial.

Court orders are powerful and coercive, and quite often not satisfactory to either party. At Bedford Law, we recognize that litigation is never a happy event and not conducive to family harmony and effective parenting. However, if all efforts to reach settlement are unsuccessful, we would then recommend you contact a litigator.