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Bedford Law

Centrally located in the heart of Bedford, Nova Scotia.
Bedford Law serves clients throughout the province.

The Small Firm Advantage

Many clients mistakenly believe that bigger is better when selecting a law firm. However, with some larger firms, a client may not always receive personal attention. The senior partner of the firm may recruit the client but then pass off the case to a junior associate who performs various aspects of the actual legal services but rarely meets with the client or understands their real goals. The associate lawyer gives updates and reports to the senior partner who then has to review the file to update their memory, all at the client’s expense.

Having one lawyer personally work closely with the client on all aspects of a case reduces the possibility of a misunderstanding of the client’s goals and avoids needless delays and over-billing caused by a series of repeated file reviews.

At Bedford Law, we establish close relationships with our clients to quickly ascertain and respond to their legal needs. We take the time to understand our clients’ concerns and do our best to stand behind the quality of our services.

We can complete the documents and contracts required for most transactions. Bedford Law’s lawyers work to solve legal problems promptly and efficiently with attentive, personalized service. We welcome your inquiries to plan, implement and problem solve together.